Every moment of our day is spent making sure all areas of our business are ready to meet the rigour of the world you live in. From our specialist consultants to professional support services and compliance functions. We will ensure you gain a performance-ready team that is primed and fit to take on your recruitment challenges.

  • knowledge


    is power. The importance of knowing where the best people are and what it takes to recruit them is paramount - and our insight is your insight. Our strength in knowing the markets in which you are seeking to hire is yours.

  • Communication


    is the bedrock of all good partnerships. Every step of your journey is taken with a robust and straightforward programme aimed at knowing you better and ensuring your gain access to all that you need, when you need it.

  • Professionalism


    is our lifeblood and our people are the best in the business. Our experienced and dedicated staff are rigorously trained in all aspects of recruitment, and are able to not only manage issues for you but to deliver top quality results with real control and business impact.

Meet The Team

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Managing Director

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor

    Operations Director

  • Sian Elsmore
    Sian Elsmore

    Senior IT and Business Change Consultant

  • Matt Burgermeister
    Matt Burgermeister

    Senior Consultant

  • Alison Marsh
    Alison Marsh

    Compliance Manager

  • Alisa de Faria
    Alisa de Faria

    Senior IT & Business Change Recruitment Specialist

  • Ugne Daudaite
    Ugne Daudaite

    IT & Business Change Specialist

  • Emily McDonald
    Emily McDonald

    Senior Consultant

  • New Recruitment Partnership Brand

    New Recruitment Partnership Brand

    Posted 06/08/2019 • Company News

    We are excited to reveal our new Recruitment Partnership brand today and caught up with our Founder James Taylor to get the low down on what it’s all about

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