Recruitment Partnership was born out of a desire to do things better - with more skill, efficiency and dedication.

Formed in 2005 by James Taylor and Alex Taylor, the business is headquarted in Bristol with national reach, focusing on core business areas to deliver positive impact for candidates and clients alike.

Its growing team are experienced and passionate problem solvers, tenacious in their drive to create real-world solutions for the people we work with.

Our business ethos is based on
'The Three Cs':

  • Consultative partners.

    We will be your advocates, delivering a considered and intelligent result. Providing sound, mature, appropriate solutions and people programmes.

  • Collaborative partners.

    We help ensure everyone involved works at their best to achieve successful outcomes for all. We appreciate and actively seek out what all bring to a project and integrate as one team.

  • Commercial partners.

    We are interested in commercial imperatives and provide depth of analysis and specialist work. We strive to reduce risk and maximise efficiency through our gold standard support and compliance.

Our Vision

  • We aim

    To be the perfect fit for your organisation by specialising in core business areas and walking in your shoes

  • Our focus

    Is to deliver the best in consultative, collaborative and commercial services that match your and our high expectations

  • Our promise

    Is to provide a business class service that fits your specific business needs, offering you our exceptional level of commitment and diligence at all times

Meet The Team

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Managing Director

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor

    Operations Director

  • Sian Elsmore
    Sian Elsmore

    Senior IT and Business Change Consultant

  • Matt Burgermeister
    Matt Burgermeister

    Senior Consultant

  • Alison Marsh
    Alison Marsh

    Compliance Manager

  • Alisa de Faria
    Alisa de Faria

    Senior IT & Business Change Recruitment Specialist

  • Ugne Daudaite
    Ugne Daudaite

    IT & Business Change Specialist

  • Emily McDonald
    Emily McDonald

    Senior Consultant

  • New Recruitment Partnership Brand

    New Recruitment Partnership Brand

    Posted 06/08/2019 • Company News

    We are excited to reveal our new Recruitment Partnership brand today and caught up with our Founder James Taylor to get the low down on what it’s all about

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