Expert predictions for Tech in 2022
With the coronavirus situation constantly creating new challenges for workplaces and tech - 2022 looks set to be another interesting year for IT and technology.

To help you get ahead of the trends, we’ve gathered some industry experts' opinions on what might happen in the next year.

Better use of Data Analytics to drive advertising

The crowded advertising space needs to become more personalised and targeted in 22’, but with more and more constraints on data, how will companies achieve this? Experts from DrFirst Inc and Adobe have had their say.

“We are all inundated with emails, banner ads and videos vying for our attention. In 2022, greater utilisation of data and analytics to drive account-based marketing campaigns and platforms that increase personalisation and use of interactive elements will be critical.” - Irene Froehlich DrFirst, Inc.

Interestingly, Priyank Shrivastava from Adobe also has some thoughts on the analytical advertising shift in 2022, with investment in first-party data crucial:

“Make first-party data your topmost priority. As we move toward a cookie-less world, where third-party cookies will disappear, organisations need to invest in solutions that make the most use of first-party data. This will also ensure that advertising and targeting are unbiased by relying on durable individual identifiers such as emails and phone numbers.”

Shift from email to messaging apps?

Gala Grigoreva from Adsterra has his say: “I am expecting to see a continued shift from email to messaging apps. Virtual assistants of all types will provide more and more of the human interface to the world. This will be true of voice assistants for smart speakers, as well as chatbots, personal assistants and other tools. Workplace privacy will continue to be a major concern for many people.”

An interesting view from Gala, who sees more human interfaces being integrated into our smart assistants. 

Privacy constraints continue to tighten

“Interpretations of privacy regulation could get far stricter. With so much discussion about “replacing functionality” and “mitigating workarounds”, are we overlooking the possibility that the strictest interpretation may require a more fundamental rethink. That may be a very uncomfortable discussion. Maybe 2022 will be the time to have it.” - Ben Walmsley, Commercial Director of Publishing at News UK.

Software development to become more reliant on automation

Nick Mills, General Manager EMEA, CircleCI, suggests that software development will continue its trend to become more automated. 

“Software development, particularly processes related to continuous integration and deployment, will become even more reliant on automation, as the complexity of software dependencies and supply chains becomes an increasingly intricate lacework of collaboration between global developers and loosely coupled architectures. The growing adoption of cloud storage, service-oriented architectures, third-party API-based services, and open source code, makes modern software development monumentally complex.”

2022 is set to be another adventure and it will be interesting to see if these expert opinions come to fruition. 

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