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Forge Rock - Featured Client.

ForgeRock is the global open source vendor behind the I³ Open Platform. ForgeRock identity-oriented middleware powers solutions for thousands of the world's largest companies and government organizations. The I³ vision is to deliver a fully open source platform for the creation of interactive web and cloud solutions using identity throughout.

The I³ products family includes OpenAM, OpenIDM and OpenDJ among others. ForgeRock technology is built on open standards and deployed by a global network of system integrator, consulting and training partners. I³ products are supported for mission-critical operations by ForgeRock enterprise lifecycle subscriptions.

ForgeRock's products are used worldwide for access and identity management in a wide range of business critical infrastructures, including mobile devices, financial applications, citizen services, video-conferencing systems and many more. ForgeRock's comprehensive I³ platform - provides everything a business needs to protect their distributed web applications whether they communicate using web services, REST or using agent plug-ins.

ForgeRock is a dynamic, fast paced and profitable start up that delivers the world's best identity middleware platform, enabling our customers secure access to anything, anywhere, from any screen or device.

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